Dog walks itself home after visually impaired owner killed in hit-and-run, police say

A heart-wrenching incident occurred recently in which a dog walked back home alone after its visually impaired owner was killed in a hit-and-run accident. The incident took place in Lawton, Oklahoma, and the dog was later found by a neighbor.

The victim was identified as 61-year-old William “Billy” Johnson, who was known for taking long walks with his dog, a brown and white mixed breed named Sparky. According to witnesses, Johnson and Sparky were walking on a sidewalk when a vehicle suddenly swerved onto the curb, hitting Johnson and killing him instantly. The driver of the vehicle fled the scene, leaving the dog behind.

Sparky, who was not injured, managed to find his way back to his owner’s home and was discovered by a neighbor. The neighbor contacted the police, who later retrieved the dog and took him to an animal shelter.

The incident has left the community in shock, with many expressing their condolences for Johnson’s family and outrage towards the hit-and-run driver. Authorities are currently investigating the incident and searching for the driver.

This tragic incident is a reminder of the importance of responsible driving and the devastating consequences that can result from reckless behavior. It also highlights the strong bond between humans and their animal companions, as Sparky’s determination to make it back home after his owner’s death is a testament to the deep love and loyalty that dogs can have for their humans.